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The real John Malkovich asks, "How is it that is taken?" Get your domain before it's gone. 
This is a slightly modified version of the 2017 Super Bowl LI pre-game ad for Squarespace. It features actor John Malkovich discovering that the domain name is already taken by a fisherman with the same name. He gets angry and starts writing the fisherman an email to complain.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

John Malkovich: How is it that 
Woman: Somebody already snatched it. 
John Malkovich: But I'm him. The collection's called John Malkovich. 
Woman: This is a nightmare. 
John Malkovich: I really am him. There's a film about me being me. 
Woman: Isn't it a movie about other people being inside you? 
John Malkovich: Sure, why not? 
John Malkovich: I need John Malkovich dot com. Who has it? What the fuck is going on!? How the fuck can you be John Malkovich? Dear Mr. Malkovich, guess who? What the fuck question mark. What the fuck underlined is going on? Sincerely, no. Also... John Malkovich. You know what? I'm just gonna call the guy.

Written Text 
Ultimate Fishing Site!! Fishing Tips, Tales, Gallery 
To: John Malkovich 
Subject: My Domain 
Dear Mr Malkovich, 
GUESS WHO? What the fuck? What the fuck is going on? Also ... John Malkovich 
Get your domain before it's gone 
Make your next move at

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It refers to...
Squarespace Commercial for Super Bowl LI 2017

Squarespace Commercial for Super Bowl LI 2017

Dates: - May 2017
This Television Commercial is referred to by Squarespace Commercial for Super Bowl LI 2017
Teaser and full Super Bowl ad

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