The commercial features four characters: a large, bumpy, one-eyed red monster (Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba!); a full-sized sock monkey; a short, round hairy monster in a hat and striped shirt (Mr. X from; a robot; and a full-sized teddy bear.

They start out in a bowling alley where the one-eyed monster is bowling and picks up a spare and causes the pin to explode. Then they are driving in a silver Kia Sorento with the sock monkey at the wheel. There are also shots of the sock monkey riding a water jet. Then the creatures are shown out making snow angels while the teddy bear is in a hot tub with a bikini clad woman. They then all drive to a bar where the sock monkey rides on a mechanical bull, and later gets a mom "tatoo" (actually it's stitched in). After more driving, they end up in Las Vegas where they go dancing - the robot does "The Robot" while the sock monkey dances with a brunette. We then see that all of these creatures are just toys who are daydreaming in the back seat of a Kia Sorento.

Written Text

Monte Carlo
A departure from the expected
USA. Built in the U.S.A.*
29 MPG / HWY
$ Starting under $20K
Kia Motors

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