Juicy, cheesy, iconic Big Mac® now in three sizes but only for a limited time. There's a #BigMacForThat! 
"McDonald's: There’s a Big Mac® For That"

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(Lyrics) Woo! 
Big Mac, Mac Junior, Grand Mac, too 
That's three Mac sizes made just for you 
So no matter where you might be at 
There's a Big Mac for that  
(Big Mac for that!) 
Shoe game inspired 
View keep getting higher 
(Big Mac for that!) 
Got that old school flow 
You just came into some dough 
(Big Mac for that!) 
Or you got a fresh fade 
Closed a big deal today 
(There's a Big Mac for that!) 
You got a text back, ooh! 
Can you freeze it like that? 
(There's a Big Mac for that!) 
Beat the boss? 
Need that special sauce? 
(There's a Big Mac for that!) 
Wait, there's three Big Macs for that, actually 
Let's go! 
Won the game? 
Gained some fame? 
Got a name? 
(There's a Big Mac for that!) 
Oh! Found your keys? 
Hit some threes? 
Love melted cheese? 
(There's a Big Mac for that!) 
Whoa! Juicy, cheesy, iconic Big Mac. Now in three sizes, but only for a limited time.  
B-I-G, M-A-C. Get it! 
Man, I'm lovin' it 
Ba da ba ba ba

Written Text

There's A Big Mac For That 
Mac Jr 
Big Mac 
Grand Mac 
i'm lovin' it

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