"Punch Dub" (PunchDub) 
Shows a Volkswagen Beetle (i.e., a "Punch Bug") drive by, and a little boy punches the other boy sitting next to him. Then a woman sees another VW (not a Beetle) and punches her bus driver. Two women are walking in their neighborhood and sees a parked VW and punches her friend. Two state troopers sitting in their car, and the officer in the passenger seat punches the driver. There is then a whole montage of people punching each other finishing with a little boy who punches an old man in the crotch. The commercial continues with one EMT in an ambulance punching another EMT, and punches continue including a waitress punching a customer which causes him to spill his coffee. A pregnant woman in labor punches her husband while in the car, an Amish man punches another while riding in a horse-drawn carriage, a guy punches his sleeping friend. Punches continue. Finally we see Tracy Morgan get punched by Stevie Wonder (who is blind) after yelling "Red one!". Morgan can't understand how he does it.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Yellow one! (punch) 
Blue one! (punch) 
Red one! (punch) 
White one! (punch) 
Black one! (punch) 
Silver one! (punch) 
Green one! (punch) 
Stevie Wonder: Red one! 
Tracy Morgan: How do you do that? 
Stevie Wonder: Ha! 
Tracy Morgan: Ha nothin'. How you did that? 
Stevie: I said ha. 
Tracy: Alright. 
Announcer: With 13 different models, it's a whole new Volkswagen - and a whole new game.

Written Text

4 Downtown 94 
That's Das Auto. 
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