Did you know Big Tobacco's products created a wage gap? Smokers earn 20% less cash than non-smokers. Be the generation that ends smoking and close the wage gap. Enlist at 
"#FinishIT | Smoking Gap | truth"

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As if smokers need more reason to quit, research shows smokers earn less. 
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It's a revolution 
It's a reva

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Did You Know 
Big Tobacco's Products Created A Wage Gap? 
Fact: Smokers Earn 20% Less Cash Than Non-Smokers 
That Means Young Smokers Miss Out On 
Up To $10,000 A Year 
So. Messed. Up. 
Don't Let Big Tobacco's Products Control Your Paycheck 
Be The Generation That Ends Smoking 
And Close The Wage Gap 
Enlist @ 
finish it

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