Some people just can’t believe the new Buick. See the big surprises in the :30 version of our Big Game commercial, starring Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr. See more surprises and behind scenes fun at 
"Not So Pee Wee Football with Cam Newton & Miranda Kerr (:30 Version) | Buick"

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Check out that Buick. 
Nice! But if that's a Buick, my kid's Cam Newton. 
Down! Blue 42. Blue 42. Set, Hut! 
I'm open, I'm open! 
Some people just can't believe the new Buick. 
That's a good looking Buick right there.  
If that's a Buick, then I'm a supermodel. 
Miranda Kerr?

Written Text

Experience The New Buick

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