"The Internet Wants You | GoDaddy Big Game Commercial" 
Bring your passion to life online with GoDaddy and the Internet. Build a website in under 1 hour and show the Internet what you've got.  
This 2017 Super Bowl LI ad from GoDaddy uses a lot of old memes.  
Just a few of the things we noticed: 
* Alarm clock uses old modem sound 
* Emoticons 
* Bottle flip 
* #Bicep Hashtag on bicep 
* Plug Life (instead of Thug Life) tattoo 
* Reddit alien tattoo 
* RIP Floppy Disk tattoo 
* AOL "You've Got Mail" announcement 
* Ice bucket challenge shower 
* Binary underwear 
* Cookie tattoo 
* HTML tattoos 
* Bluetooth tattoo 
* The Dress - black and blue or gold and white 
* Cats on Roombas 
* Pixelated framed pictures 
* Rickroll 
* Meme backpack 
* Sneezing panda

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hi, I'm the internet. 
You've got mail. 
What did you think I'd look like? I'm wire-y. 
Oh, I love stuff. Give me more stuff. 
I love that. Hey, I know a bunch of people who'd like that. 
The internet loves what you're doing, so build a site in under and hour at GoDaddy. 
We're no stranger to love 
Never gonna give you up 
Never gonna let you down 
Never gonna run around and desert you

Written Text

Plug Life 

Online University of Non-Accredited Learning Degree of Internet Arts 
/head, body 
Charlie Spray 
Finger Bites 
OK Go 
I Want to Believe 
Tom's Topiary 
Homepage is where the heart is 
Is this real life? 
Tom's Topiary - Exper4t Topiaries 
See more at

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What Songs are featured in this Television Commercial?

It plays...
Never Gonna Give You Up performed by Rick Astley

Never Gonna Give You Up
performed by Rick Astley

This Song is played in GoDaddy Commercial for Super Bowl LI 2017
No, it's not a Rickroll. This is the song playing in the ad.

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