"DEVOUR Frozen Meals | "The Audition" Extended Cut" 
DEVOUR Frozen Meals auditioned guys across the nation to pay one $100K to be in our #DevourBowl halftime commercial. Jude Flannelly showed a passion for DEVOUR like no other. That’s why we gave him a contract to play the role he was born for… a guy auditioning for a big DEVOUR Frozen Meals commercial. We are proud to present DEVOUR Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese and Jude Flannelly shamelessly forking. It will leave you hungry to fork some DEVOUR yourself. 
Watch the extended cut of our DEVOUR Frozen Meals "The Audition" Commercial.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Wow, so this is what a real audition is like. 
Exciting. Sit down and take a bite of Devour. 
Mmm. So creamy. Oh, so spicy. Mmmm, that cheese! I'm finished. Can I get some more. 
Devour - food you wanna fork.

Written Text

Devour Frozen Meals 
Fod you want to fork.

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