"Ghost Spuds | Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial 2017 feat. Spuds MacKenzie" 
The ghost of Spuds MacKenzie is here to let the world know that it’s not about the parties. It’s about the Bud Lights you grab with friends.  
This 2017 Super Bowl LI ad brings back Bud Light's famous 1980's mascot, Spuds MacKenzie. Unfortunately Bull Terrier don't live forever, so he's back as a ghost to help a guy who doesn't want to go out with his friends. Similar to the ghosts in "A Christmas Carol" Spuds shows the man what he's been missing by not going out and having some fun.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Brian: Yeah, to be honest I don't even have an excuse, man. I'm just gonna stay in. 
Spuds MacKenzie: Hello, Brian. 
Brian: Spuds MacKenzie? What are you doing here? 
Spuds MacKenzie: My soul can't rest when people don't drink Bud Lights with their friends. 
Brian: Oh. 
Spuds MacKenzie: You know at this very moment your friends are hanging out and you're missing it. 
Brian: I just didn't think that it was, like, a big deal, you know. 
Spuds MacKenzie: Brian, listen. 
Brian: Yeah. 
Spuds MacKenzie: I'm a man. You're a man. Take my leash. I need to show you something. 
Brian: Whoa! 
Spuds MacKenzie: This was last week. 
Brian: Hey, it's my friends. 
Friends: Sad bacon legs. 
Brian: Sad bacon legs? 
Friends: Sad bacon legs. 
Brian: What does that mean? 
Spuds MacKenzie: It's an inside joke. You had to be there. 
Ex: Spuds? 
Spuds MacKenzie: Uh, it's my ex. Got to go. This was a few days ago. 
Game Host: Here's an easy one. The proof is in the blank. 
Brian: Pudding, obviously. 
Friend: Pants. 
Brian: Pants? The proof is in the pudding. 
Spuds MacKenzie: They can't hear you, man. They needed you weren't there for 'em. Let's go for a walk. And here we are tonight. 
Brian: My friend's house. 
Spuds MacKenzie: Hey, they're running a little low on Bud Light in there, Brian. Take this. You'll be a hero. 
Brian: Sweet. 
Spuds MacKenzie: And take this fedora. You like it? Nah, you know what? The fedora was a bad idea. 
Brian: Yeah, I wasn't really feeling that. 
Spuds MacKenzie: Okay, one last thing. 
Brian: Yeah? 
Spuds MacKenzie: Crack open one of those BLs. I don't have thumbs. Alright, well you take it easy, Brian. Be a good boy in there. 
Announcer: That was Spuds MacKenzie reminding you, you're not just here for the parties - you're here for the friendships. 
Spuds MacKenzie: Spuds here to remind you to be good friends and enjoy Bud Light responsibly.

Written Text

Bud Light 
Famous Among Friends 
Enjoy responsibly.

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