"H&R Block with IBM Watson Reinventing Tax Preparation" 
From the Cloud to the Tax Desk, IBM Watson to Help Tax Pros Maximize Tax Outcomes with H&R Block.

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Introducing the biggest advancement in tax preparation technology. Say hello to the partnership between H&R Block and IBM Watson. 
Hello, my name is Watson. 
Imagine being able to understand all 74,000 pages of the US Tax Code, along with thousands of yearly tax law changes, and other information plus Block's deep insights built from over 600 million data points. Yes 600000000. Imagine being able to understand all that information. Watson will learn from it and help your tax pro find every credit and deduction available to you. Pretty smart, right? There are many correct ways to fill out a tax return, and the IRS will accept all of them, but one gets you the most money back. H&R tax pros with Watson will be able to help you find every deduction, credit, and opportunity available. The one-of-a-kind partnership between H&R Block and Watson - it's revolutionizing the way people file taxes, and why at H&R Block you don't just get your taxes done, you get your taxes won.

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H&R Block with Watson 
Deduction, Credit, Opportunity 
Available year round 
Get your taxes done. 
Get your taxes won.

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