"Safe - 2017 Super Bowl PSA" 
Safe is one of two PSAs that NCADA will premier during the local (St. Louis area) broadcast of Super Bowl LI. This spot dramatizes the importance of securing dangerous items to minimize their risks, and how this behavior must extend to the way we store our prescription medication. 
This 2017 Super Bowl LI regional ad is pro-gun and anti-drug. It features a father who grew up with guns, emphasizes gun safety to his kids, but didn't lock up his prescription medication. His daughter overdosed in the bathroom on his pills.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I believe in the 2nd Amendment. Guns have been a part of my family forever. Hell, I learned how to shoot when I was 9. 22 rifle then a 20 gauge, and the same for our boys and my girl. They respected their guns. They went in the safe every single time. And to see her on the bathroom floor. It's just... she was 17. Bang, dead, just like that.  
Sarah! Sarah! 
I couldn't get the door open. I kept screaming, "Sarah!" 
Sarah! Sarah, let me in! 
"Sarah, let me in!"  
The fire department came. Police. They found this in her hand. I didn't lock it up.

Written Text

Teenagers are more likely to die from overdose than gun fire. 
Lock up your prescription medication. 
Dispose of unused medication properly. 

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