"Smart Phone - 2017 Super Bowl PSA" 
"Smart Phone" is one of two PSAs that NCADA will premier during the local (St. Louis area) broadcast of Super Bowl LI. This spot dramatizes the importance of minimizing the harms related to risky behavior, and how this focus on safety must extend to the way we store our prescription medication. 
This 2017 Super Bowl LI regional ad features a mother talking about how she always emphasized phone safety with her daughter while driving. Unfortunately, she never talked about drug use.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

"Mom, can I have a smartphone?" That's all she wanted. Even more than a driver's license. Well, until she got a license, then it was, "Mom, can I borrow your car?" I was very clear - no cell phone use while driving. No texting, no selfies. Phone had to be locked in the glove box. Even her friends complained about not being able to get ahold of her. 
How could I be so stupid? I put the one thing in her hand that she couldn't control. Painkillers. There is nothing in the world that would take this pain away. Ever.

Written Text

Teenagers are more likely to die from overdose than texting and driving. 
Lock up your prescription medication. 
Dispose of unused medication properly. 

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