The Professional and Bill Nye “The Science Guy” explore the Science of Clean with Persil ProClean’s new formula that delivers an impressive 10 Dimensions of Clean. 
"Persil® ProClean® Big Game Commercial - Science of Clean: 10 Dimensions"

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It's working! If my calculations are correct... Ah! There goes another lab coat.  
Ah, Bill. Need a hand? Persil's new and improved formula delivers ten dimensions of clean. Looks clean, feels clean, smells clean. And that, Science Guy, is ten dimensions of clean. 
Ten dimensions? Like parallel dimensions! 
Yes. Only cleaner.  
It's not just clean, it's Persil ProClean.

Written Text

10 Dimensions 
It's Not Just Clean, It's ProClean.

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Persil ProClean and Super Bowl LI 2017 Commercial

Persil ProClean and Super Bowl LI 2017 Commercial

Dates: - May 2017
This Television Commercial refers to Persil ProClean and Super Bowl LI 2

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