"SONIC $3.99 Coney and Tots - Limo Commercial" 
What could possibly be better than a footlong hot dog? Four footlong hot dogs. Try the footlong lineup from SONIC. Featuring Chicago, American, New York and Chili Cheese Coneys. Get one with Tots for just $3.99. This is how you SONIC.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

'Cause footlongs are the limosines of hotdogs, we're celebrating footlongs limo style. 
That's right, and that's cool. I understand that they're really awesome and worth celebrating, but I wish we were in a limo. We're just sitting in the back of my car with a limo driver in the front. 
Oh, he's not a limo driver. 
Well who is he? 
I don't know. I thought you knew him. 
No I don't know him. 
Cool, mystery. 
Pair a footlong quarter pound Chicago dog, or any of our 4 flavors with tots for just $3.99, and don't forget drinks are just half price during happy hour every day. This is how you Sonic.

Written Text

Quarter Pound Footlong and tots for $3.99 
Happy Hour Half Price Drinks 
This is how you Sonic

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