"Sprite | #WannaSprite | LeBron James is a Sprite endorser and so is his friend Lil Yachty" 
This television commercial is the longer version of the version you saw during the professional football championship game that was televised during a professional football championship game. It features LeBron James and Lil Yachty enjoying #cool, #crisp, #refreshing, #lemon #lime Sprite and you won’t believe how cool, crisp and refreshing it is! Check it out! #Thanks #WannaSprite

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Let's get one thing straight. I'll never tell you to drink Sprite. Even if I was in a commercial for Sprite - which I am, or you were watching it - which you are, I wouldn't tell you to drink it. No matter what that queue card says. 
Come on, man. Say it. 
Even if you'd just eaten tacos with extra hot sauce and you were holding an extra cold Sprite, and for some reason you were waiting for me to tell you to drink it. I still wouldn't tell you to drink that thirst-quenching Sprite. Even if this were a metaphor about Sprite, I was talking about Sprite, and Lil Yachty here was paid by Sprite to write lyrics about Sprite I still wouldn't tell you to drink a Sprite. And even if all these cool people were holding one, I still wouldn't tell you to drink a cool, crisp, refreshing lemon-lime Sprite. I'd ask you, "Do you want a Sprite?"

Written Text

Drink Sprite 
Drink Sprite 
Sprite Zero

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