"CenturyLink - Two Sides" 
CenturyLink believes in the power of the digital world. The power to connect. That is what drives us every day. 
This 2017 Super Bowl LI regional ad shows a split screen with opposites that still seemingly fit together: 
* Bikers in a the City / Country 
* Subway / Train in City / Country 
* River with skyline in the background / Field 
* Giant statium / local high school field 
* Local stores in a city / small town 
* Shipping bay / creek 
* City hotel / barn 
* Desks with computers / family eating dinner 
* Man (Kelvin Jones) in a recording studio / Woman (Karissa Lee) on her front porch both playing guitar

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After becoming one of the largest broadband companies in the country, after expanding our fiber network coast to coast, after 80 years these are the places we call home. We are CenturyLink. We believe in the power of the digital world. The power to connect small towns, big cities, and even bigger dreams. That's how you improve lives, and that's what drives us every day. 
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Century Link, your link to what's next 
You got those eyes, stare into my soul 
I’ve had my time in the sun and now I gotta go 
Can I call you home? 
You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours 
You’re the brighter side of things 
You’re the lighter side of life 
And all the joy that you bring is why I need you in my life 
And can I call you home 
In my mind 
In my mind 
In my mind I call you home

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Your link to what's next

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