This February Gap is throwing it back to the ’90s with a limited-edition line of iconic denim, khakis, and tees pulled straight from our archives — exactly as you remember them. In celebration of the Archive Reissue collection, we collaborated with director Kevin Calero to create “Generation Gap,” an homage to the classic Gap campaigns of the ’90s. The video stars children of the icons featured in the original ads, alongside timeless Gap alum Naomi Campbell, who looks classic and fresh in the Archive Reissue Pocket Tee. #TheArchiveReissue 
"Generation Gap: '90s Icons Now"

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Are we recording? 
I'm gonna get you. How do you like it? Yeah. 
It was very cool. It was very cool, very easy, but yet had a slight edge and it was all about personality.  
I saw your skills yesterday in the video. 
Oh yeah? 
I'm trying to do a little something something. 
My first one was my mama. She slapped it.  
In certain ways, I think it's good because at least people are talking about it. 
The shower scene. 
Yeah, me too. 
I just drift away for two seconds. And then your heart's like not beating as fast anymore, you can chill. 
Is that Rashida Jones? 
Oh my God, it is! 
And that's what I loved about my picture with Steven. I thought I was gonna be decked out and I was quite surprised. He was like, no, just a simple T-shirt. I loved that. 
And, action! 
Generation Gap. Take one.  
I'm so glad you're my girl 
I'll do anything 4 U 
Call U every night 
And give U flowers 2 
I thank the Lord 4 U 
And think about U all the time 
I ask you everyday 
That you'll 4-ever B mine 
I wanna hold your hand 
2 show U I'll be there 
I like 2 do the things 
That let U know I care 
I sing this lullabye 
'Cause girl U fill me full 
I look into your eves 
You're so beautiful 
I love it when we're 2-gether 
Girl I need you 4-ever 
I want U 2 know I do it all 4 love

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