"Sonos 2017 TV Commercial - Wake Up The Silent Home" 
Everyone’s together, all alone. Our homes have gone silent. But there’s a solution and it sounds amazing. At Sonos, our mission is to fill every room with sound, and Wake up the Silent Home.  
This 2017 Grammys ad shows a bunch of people in their dark and boring homes. No one is talking even though everyone is together. The narrator tells us this is a new sickness, but they have the cure. She takes a wireless Sonos speaker and smashes it through someone's window. We then see some of the same homes where everyone is happy, smiling, eating, dancing, making out, and doing things together while music plays.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Look at them. This is just not right. It wasn't always like this. No, this is a new sickness. Everyone's together, all alone. 
Everyone's together, all alone.  
Wanna know how to fix it?  
Tonight there's gonna be a jail break 
Somewhere in this town 
See, me and the boys don't like it 
So we're getting up and going down

Written Text

Wake up The Silent Home 
The Home Sound System

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