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As part of our ongoing First Listen series, we previewed award-winning singer-songwriter Estelle's latest track, "Be In Luv," from behind the wheel of the new 2017 Lincoln Continental 
"Lincoln First Listen | Estelle"

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When I listen to new music to play on my radio station, I listen for passion. Can we really get to the crux of what the artist is really trying to say to us? Estelle has had a number of U.S. hits, she epitomizes beauty, sophistication, class, elegance. 
So, I've been a musician for close to 20 years now and I always want people to feel warmth. I've always wanted to feel happy or encouraged. I never like to do records that are just of the moment and today, I kinda want something that I'm gonna want to hear in ten years from now.  
I'm in L.A., Estelle's stomping grounds. We're gonna go swing by, pick her up. We'll take a ride out and enjoy her music in the Lincoln Continental. 
Estelle! My belle! 
Hello, sweetheart. 
How are you, are you good? 
So tell me about this new sound of yours.  
It's good, it feels great, it feels smooth. 
And I can't wait to play it to you. Come on. 
Let's have a listen. 
When I leave a session, whatever state the music's in, I just plug it in and listen to it in the car. All the lights and everything that's happening around you, all the sounds from the streets, you wanna hear if the music is still cutting through, if the words are still cutting through. To be in love is about not being sure why you can't just be with somebody. You know, whether it's his insecurities, or her insecurities, or, you know, the world telling you you shouldn't. If it's something that makes you happy, keep doing it. It's as simple as that.  
(Lyrics) In love, yeah 
Tell me, tell me why 
In love 
I love the way you come around 
Just the way you put it on, put it on 
Why do I pretend I don't love it? 
I know we've been more than friends 
Hiding how we feel for each other 
Safer to play let's pretend 
Tell me, tell me why 
Can we be in love 
I love the way you come around, come around, yeah 
Tell me, tell me why 
Can we be in love? 
Tell me, tell me why 
Can we be in love

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