See CHIPS in theaters March 24, 2017 - directed by and starring Dax Shepard. 
"CHIPS - Official Trailer"

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We're the California Highway Patrol. This job is crucial. Without us out there... 
Oh, come on! What the... 
...someone could get hurt! 
California Highway Patrol. I think they have some crooked cops. I want you to go on the inside.  
Go undercover within the department? That's awesome! 
We're gonna put you with a rookie named John Baker. 
So who am I playing? 
Frances Llewellyn Poncherello. 
Are the first two female names? 
John, I like you. You remind me of my husband. 
He is really handsome. 
You've had 23 surgeries? But you can ride a motorcycle, I'll give you that.  
Yes, ma'am. Like a mother. 
What's up, I'm John. 
Awesome man, we're partners! Let's kick this off with the real thing!  
Oh, dude! 
If you're homophobic or whatever, that's cool. 
No, no no no no no no no no no. You think I'm homophobic? 
John Baker? Baker? 
Pretty bad ass, all suited up for battle.  
What, looking like UPS drivers? Super cool. Go brown, right? 
This job is my one shot at saving my marriage. 
What are you wearing? 
My uniform.  
It's like you're three beers too intimate.  
I'm a tough motorcycle cop. I got no emotion. 
What's your job? 
Find the dirty cops.  
Check it. 
You're FBI? 
Hey, we need to focus.  
Are you kidding me right now? 
I'm just like kinda powerless when it comes to yoga pants, you know? 
Let's get you out of this parking lot. You have a visible erection. You think you can ride with that? 
I don't know. 
We don't know who in this department is in on this.  
We're like Jay-Z and Beyonce. We are ride or die. 
I'm Jay-Z. 
What's your 20? 
I'm northbound, Ponch is southbound.  
You screw up this case, you're fired! 
We got a legitimate lead? 
We have a suspect's head, that's a victory! 
I was just trying... 
Just damn nasty! 
I need to get into some warm water. 
I'm not gonna carry you there. 
I saved your life yesterday! 
Oh my God! I knew you were gonna bring it up! 
Grab me and get it over with.  
Fine. Fine.  
Oh my God! 
You face planted my... 
No, no, no, no, there was no contact. 
I could've swore I felt you either your nose or your lips. 
It might've been like a little, like a little bit of contact.  
(Lyrics) California love 
California knows how to party 
(Lyrics) Check it 
I flip shit for gangbang 
I talk shit for insane 
I got a clip for you strange 
Click clack, get back 
Ice Cube, understand it's real 
Click clack, get back 
Y'all better get back

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This Spring 
Saving The City 
From Dirty Cops 
Takes A Pair 
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