Think you know what a sports car looks like? Think again. 
"smart BRABUS “Think again” | smart UK"

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The Smart range from just £99 per month. 
(Lyrics) Two steps to the right (Two steps to the right) 
Throw your hands up (Throw your hands up) 
Wave em side to side (Wave em side to side) 
Step to the front (Step to the front) 
Now two steps to the back (Now two steps back) 
Do a 360 (do a 360) 
Everybody clap clap clap clap clap 
Jump jump! (Higher Baby) 
Jump jump! (Gettin' Higher Baby) 
Jump jump! 
Jump jump!  
Jump jump!

Written Text

Think you know what a sports car looks like? 
Think again. 
smart BRABUS 
The Urban Sports Car. 
The smart range from £99 a month. 
Engineered with Mercedes-Benz

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