Fact: There are more cigarette ads in black neighborhoods. It’s not a coincidence, it's profiling. Watch truth correspondent Amanda Seales lay out the facts. 
"#StopProfiling | Market Priority | truth"

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Big tobacco must love diversity. They love it so much that here, they advertise up to 10 times more in black neighborhoods than in other neighborhoods.  
Ten times! How is that OK? Big tobacco is really trying to make friends with black folks. I see you. So much that in the past, big tobacco called us a "Market Priority". It's not a coincidence, it's profiling. Don't let it go unseen. Enlist at Be the generation that ends smoking.

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truth Correspondent  
Amanda Seales 
Washington, D.C. 
Fact: There Are More Cigarette Ads In Black Neighborhoods 
It's Not 
Market Priority 
It's Not A Coincidence It's Profiling 
Be The Generation That Ends Smoking 

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