We’re so proud of our beautiful new film, ’Notes’. Despite living in a time when connecting with people has become so much easier, it has also become so much less personal. This story reminds us of the power of putting pen to paper. We hope you love it too. 
"Notes - a life story, a love story"

Written Text

Last night was fun! 
Didn't want to wake you. Early morning. - Rob 
Put some stuff in your top drawer. Hope you don't mind. - T.  
Got an extra key for you. Don't tell Steve! - Rob 
Meeting your parents @ 8pm! Don't forget. XOXO 
Going out after work with Brian. See you later babe. XO - Rob 
Renters coming by at 6. Keep clean!! Love you. 
Milk, Cheese, Toothpaste, Fruit roll ups! Packing Tape 
Love This. 
Our Invitations! 
For My Beautiful Wife. 
Missed You Today. 
Pickles. Chips. Ice Cream. 
Our Budding Little Artist. 
Collecting Katie From Nursery School. Can you finish unpacking? 
Didn't have time to walk the dog. Sorry! 
Please Empty Dishwasher 
Overdue Please Pay 
Can't Make Katie's Show Tonight. Tell Her I'm Sorry. - Rob. 
Back in two weeks. - Rob. 
Home Late Tonight. Don't Wait Up. - Rob. 
Rob, Where were you this morning? 
We need to talk. - Tina 
Going to stay at my parents with Katie. 
Glad you're home. I missed you. - Rob. 
I'll Make more of an effort. I promise.  
Can we try to make this work? Please. I love you. 
Thanks for the flowers.  
Counselor @ 7pm. 
Date night? 
Happy we're working things out. Love T. 
Happy Anniversary My Love! 30 Years!! XO 
Katie + Greg coming for dinner. - 6ish. XO T 
Booked Our Trip! 4th - 28th 
Keep your phone on! Katie is due any minute!! 
She has your green eyes. - Grandpa 
Babysitting for the kids tonight. - T 
Doctor's Office Called @ 3:15. 555-830-3829 
Enjoy your last day of work. Ever. XOXO 
Picked up your prescription. 2 Pills Twice Daily. 
You're a great man. I love you. XO XO - T 
Couldn't reach you. Went to hospital. Love Tina. 
I Love You My Dear Wife. I Will Miss You. - Rob. 
There's Love In Notes. 
take note 
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