When We Rise, we rise for justice. This story of family, struggle, and hope comes to ABC February 27, inspired by the stories of real families in the LGBT civil rights movement. 
"When We Rise Official Trailer"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

This is much bigger than you realize. You all have to get yourselves together. This is everybody's issue.  
This city will not be taken over by incorrigibles and deviants.  
He's one step ahead of the blacks and homosexuals.  
Stop the violence! Stop the violence! 
You're never gonna get that minute if you're not willing to fight for it. 
Order, we're gonna have order here! 
We are not a menace and we will not be silent any longer.  
God have mercy on your twisted soul.  
If we every want to be free, we have to stop hiding.  
All of you combined are stronger than you know.  
It's an illness. It can be treated.  
I don't understand! 
What are you afraid of Wilma? 
I won't run. I'll fight.  
We fight until they realize, this is our home and we're fighting with our lives! 
There's too much left to fight fight.  
We're an out of the box kind of family.  
This is not gonna go away.  
You got a loud voice. We could use another loud voice. 
No more! 
I feel in my heart that it matters not who or how we love. 
You want to be my daughter. 
I always was.  
Whoever you are, you are not alone.  
(Lyrics) And I'll rise up 
I'll rise like the day 
I'll rise up 
I'll rise unafraid 
I'll rise up 
And I'll do it a thousand times again 
And we'll rise up 
High like the waves 
We'll rise up 
In spite of the ache 
We'll rise up 
And we'll do it a thousand times again

Written Text

From Academy Award Winning Screenwriter 
Dustin Lance Black 
Inspired By Real Families' Stories 
Of Epic Struggle 
And Infinite Hope 
Guy Pearce 
Mary-Louise Parker 
Rachel Griffiths 
Whoopi Goldberg 
Michael Kenneth Williams 
Rosie O'Donnell 
When We Rise 
An Original Television Event 
This February 

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