Crashing premieres Sunday, February 19 at 10:30pm.  
"Crashing: New Series Preview (HBO)"

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Did you guys look closely at this flyer at all? I mean, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld. Do any of these people actually perform here? 
Fuck no. 
While you guys are concerned, they're all here. 
Got a great live comedy show. Comedy tonight. Great live comedy, yes! Thank... 
I've been working on this corner... 
Walk away.  
God! Somebody trying to shake me from my corner.  
Why the fuck you talking like you on The Wire? 
I haven't seen The Wire.  
There's no good way to tell people you haven't seen The Wire.  
Oh, hey! What are you doing? 
I'm handing out fliers. 
How do you make money? 
I'm kinda in between jobs, staying on couches. 
Oh, you're homeless? 
Do you have a home? 
I can't. It's so sad.  
Somebody stole your turf, how would you get it back? 
Be a man. Man up, you know, represent. You gotta light it up. 
Sorry, a lot of these sound like lyrics from the album Willennium. 
Cheers. You're fucking good.

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a new original comedy series 
from executive producer 
Judd Apatow 
Sunday February 19 
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