Music moves us like nothing else. It gives us goosebumps. Creates memories. With the help of BRITs Icon Award winner, Robbie Williams, we surprised Danielle, a true fan, who met her partner at one of Robbie’s gigs. The result was Priceless. 
"Live the Priceless Side of Music with Robbie Williams"

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Music has had a huge effect on my life. And there's one fan in particular whose life wouldn't be the same without it.  
All through the years, I've always been a Robbie fan and I always will be. Being a Robbie fan has affected my life hugely because I met my partner at a Robbie concert and now ten years later, we have a beautiful young girl. So if I hadn't been to that concert that day, I don't know where my life would be.  
Danielle thinks that she's part of my very own fan documentary, but she's about to have a priceless surprise.  
Hi, Danielle. Robbie Williams here. I heard you're a big fan of mine. Thank you very much. What you do not know is, I'm a big fan of you and your life. And of course, your mom. 
Thank you, Robbie Williams. 
And I'm also a big fan of your ever-loving partner, Mike, who you met at one of my concerts all those years ago.  
Hi, Danielle! 
Another huge fan of your incredible taste in music. I've also got my feet on your sofa. Sorry about that, Danielle! Yes, Danielle, I'm a huge fan of yours, and I'm not the only one. Come in Gracie. Isn't that right, babe? Tell your mum how it is. 
Hi, mum. Thanks for meeting dad at a Robbie Williams concert because that meeting made me, and I really do love my life.  
Come on, babe. 
I'm shaking. Oh my God! 
Gracie, you gonna sing it with me? Let's do it. 
Grace going on that stage is amazing. It's absolutely out of this world, I'll cherish it forever.  
But to see my daughter there on stage with a global superstar, my whole body just started to tingle.  
It was just amazing, and my mum loves him! 
Hi darling. Pleasure to meet you and all your wonderful family and friends.  
Oh, wow. My heart was just...oh, so full of love and I just...oh, it was amazing of him to do that for me.  
(Lyrics) Tether your soul to me  
I will never let go completely 
One day your hands will be 
Strong enough to hold me 
I might not be there for all your battles 
But you'll win them eventually 
I pray that I'm giving you all that matters 
I love my life 
I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am free 
I love my life 
I am wonderful, I am magical, I am me 
I love my life

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The Priceless Side Of Music 
Live The Priceless Side Of Music

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