The commercial starts out with an extreme closeup of a Michelob Ultra beer bottle. It then shows a man getting out of bed in the morning. As the show him pouring himself a bowl of cereal, we see that it is cyclist, Lance Armstrong. Instead of milk, he pours Michelob Ultra on his Fruit Loops. He then goes out for a jog up a mountain/hill, and later we see him riding his bike. After his workout we can see him at a bar relaxing and having another Michelob Ultra (because it's low in carbs and calories).

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Woo Hoo! 
They rise and shine, even when the sun hasn't. They treat themselves well, on occasion, even indulge. They don't run errands, they *run* errands. They don't see mountains, only little bumps. They know how to kick in, and kick back. That's the ultra life. Michelob Ultra: 95 calories, 2.5 carbs, and exceptionally smooth taste. It's the superior light beer perfectly balanced for the ultra life.

Written Text

Michelob Ultra 
95 calories 
2.6 g carbs

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