Own your power, your drive and dreams. 
This video for the Tory Burch Foundation features celebrities, designers, businesswomen, and professional athletes, using their voices to encourage women to be ambitious.  
Featuring: Laila Ali, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kerry Washington, Rashida Jones, Jamie Lee Curtis, Billie Jean King, Norah O'Donnell, Jon Hamm, Julianne Moore, Tory Burch, Chris Pine, Gayle King, Reese Witherspoon, Anna Wintour, Sheryl Sandberg, Melinda Gates, Lucy Liu, Camilla Belle, Kate Bosworth, Tina Brown, Jason Collins, Zoey Deutch, Gabby Douglas, Laurie Fabiano, Teresita Fernandez, Anne Finucane, Robert Isen, Diane Kruger, Yeonmi Park, Perri Peltz, Kimarie Santiago, Lauren Santo Domingo, Reshma Saujani, Eric Schmidt, Yara Shahidi, Tabitha Simmons, Stefano Tonchi and Regina Wilson 
"#EmbraceAmbition | PSA"

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I'm ambitious. 
I will not hide it. 
We will not hide it. 
We embrace ambition. 
Women are made to be ambitious. 
I will dream big. 
Without hesitation. 
We will take risks. 
We will rise together. 
Rise above the negativity. 
No longer will ambition in a woman... seen as a negative. 
Be persistent.  
Don't apologize. 
Never give up on your goals and dreams.  
We will model ambition... 
...for our daughters. 
And our sons. 
I will help women around the world... 
...the whole world... succeed. 
You have to persevere. 
Women are tough... 
...powerful. We've got to be a part of this conversation.  
Ambition is feminine. 
Ambition is empowering. 
Ambition is not a dirty word. 
I can think of a lot of dirty words, ambition is not one of them. 
Ambition is sexy. 
Ambition is very sexy.  
What's your ambition? 
To help women build empires. 
Help more women run for office.  
Empower women financially. 
Help women entrepreneurs. 
Create powerful images.  
Change people's lives. 
Fight gender stereotypes.  
Equality for all. 
For all of us to lean in together. 
To transform societies. 
Change the world. 
Take the stigma out of the word ambition. 
Own your power. 
Own your power.  
Own your drive. 
Own your dreams. 
Own your dreams.  
No judgments.  
No judgments.  
We own it. 
Take the pledge. 
Take the pledge. 
Take the pledge. 
Embrace ambition. 
Embrace ambition. 
Will you? 
(Lyrics) I'm unstoppable 
I'm invincible 
I'm so powerful 
I'm so confident 
I'm unstoppable today 
Unstoppable today 
Unstoppable today 
Unstoppable today 
I'm unstoppable today 
Unstoppable today 
I'm unstoppable today

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Tory Burch Foundation

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