Say hi to Spring style with 40% off all pants, jeans, and tops at Old Navy and Everything you really, really want is on sale now (water balloons excluded). Hurry in, log on… or miss out! Hi, Fashion. Old Navy. Valid 3/7-3/16. Excludes Old Navy Active, Clearance, Licensed and Men’s Packaged tops. 
"Hi, Fashion – Spring into Old Navy’s latest collection"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

All pants, jeans and tops up to 40% off. High fashion, Old Navy. 
(Lyrics) Hi, hi, howdy, howdy, hi, hi 
While everyone is minus, you could call me multiply 
Just so you know, yes, yes, I'm that guy 
You could get five fingers and I'm not waving hi 
Haters get the bird, more like an eagle 
This is my movie, stay tuned for the sequel 
Seems so wrong, seems so illegal 
Fellas in the back 
This is me on the regular, so you know 
Yep, yep, you know that I go 
This is me on the regular, so you know

Written Text 
hi, fashion 
Old Navy 
All pants, jeans, and tops 
Up To 40% Off

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What Songs are featured in this Television Commercial?

It plays...
On the Regular performed by Shamir

On the Regular
performed by Shamir

This Song is played in Old Navy Commercial

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