Watch TV like a girl. You know, awesomely.  
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Strength and confidence are two different things. Let me explain why I have both.  
The light has never shined more brightly through you. 
Women are hard to keep ? family. 
Because I'm strongly believe in my heart that men have enough privilege as it is in this society. 
I do one job, you do 18 jobs. 
You understand? 
Yes, ma'am. 
So what do you want? 
I want to win. 
I'm a militant feminist, guys. No woman here is going to be threatened by another woman. 
Unless you're texting with my bae, then it's like... 
You are the most brilliant person alive.  
I'm just a woman. 
(Lyrics) The world keeps spinnin' 
Life goes on and on 
Dust my shoulders off 
Dust my shoulders off 
Dust my shoulders off

Written Text

Difficult People 
East Los High 
National Treasure 
The Path 
Shut Eye 
The Mindy Project 
Today And Every Day 
Only On hulu

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