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Commercial for Unforgettable (2016 - 2017)

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Commercial for Unforgettable

Winter 2016
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Plot / Description

See UNFORGETTABLE in theaters April 21, 2017 - starring Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson. 


Can I confess something? I was really very scared to meet you. 
Yes. Gorgeous and talented. And your connection with David. You know, there was a time when I thought we were on the road to getting back together. Then he met you. 
Say hi to Julia. 
Hi, Julia. 
Hi, Lily. 
Say bye to mommy. 
Bye, sweetheart.  
You'll get used to Tessa. She's adjusting, too.  
I know she's Lily's mother, and of course I respect that. But it feels like I'm stepping into her life.  
It's not easy, all this change. 
I get it.  
No you don't. You couldn't possibly.  
Don't worry. In no time, you will be back with mommy.  
How well do you really know Julia? 
You are a survivor, and what happened was not your fault. 
I only had David and Lily. You took everything away from me.  
Who sent you flowers? 
What do you mean there's no record of who sent the arrangement? 
Take a deep breath. No one knows where you live.  
Where's your ring and how come you haven't been wearing it? 
She's messing with me.  
I made one mistake. There isn't a day that goes by that... 
Tessa. Goodbye.  
You're worthless, Julia. You will always be worthless.  
Tessa, why are you here? 
You should never have brought her here.  
I'm done with crazy.  
You gave it all to her, right in front of me! 
Oh my God, she sent you here.  
Ms. Banks, the man is dead, found in your home. You see what this looks like, right? 
Tessa, she was the one behind all of this.  
Enough is enough. 
Are you threatening me? 
Yes. I am threatening you. 
This is my life. It's mine! 
(Lyrics) Lost out, beat up 
If mama knew how you turned out, you too wild 
You too wild, you too wild 
You too wild, and I need you now 
Too wild, too wild 
Too wild, I was too wild 
And I need you now 
I need you now

Written Text

When Love Ends 
Madness Begins 
Katherine Heigl 
Rosario Dawson 
Will Not 
Be Forgotten 
April 21