Watch what happens when you work with @FastandFurious on a driving challenge in Castrol EDGE #TitaniumICE !  
Catch The Fate Of The Furious in Theaters April 14 
"Castrol EDGE Titanium Ice, inspired by Fast & Furious / The Fate Of The Furious - Full Video"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, Debbie. You really showed some steel in Fast & Furious. But now I think it's time I put you in the spotlight. You're gonna have to step up and I'm gonna push you to the limit.  
Debbie, that was amazing. Those were some pretty sweet moves. This Titanium Trial was brought to you in partnership with Fast & Furious. In theaters April 14th. 
(Lyrics) Push it 
Push it 
Push it 
Push it

Written Text

Castrol Edge 
Inspired By 
The Fate Of The Furious 
Castrol Edge 
Titanium Ice 
Debbie Evans 
Legendary Stunt Driver 
Fast & Furious 
System Scan 
Castrol Edge 
Challenge Initialising 
Location - Jackson Lake 
Ice Thickness - 42 CM 
Maximum Pressure 
Titanium Strong 
The Fate Of The Furious 
In Theaters April 14 
When The Time Comes 
Be Titanium Strong 
It's more than just oil. 
It's liquid engineering.

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