Blowfish is a morning-after hangover remedy that really works. Drop two tablets in water. Drink. And get on with your day. It’s real medicine that crushes hangovers with an FDA-recognized formulation. 
"Blowfish: Toilethead"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey Sal, you mind if I just sneak in to...whoa. God, f*ck, sh*t. Uh, are you OK? 
Yeah, why? 
I don't know. Something just seems a little off. You just seem, something seems different about you.  
Why don't I just come back...later. 
Hangovers are the worst. That's why there's Blowfish. For when you feel like dying, but also have to do stuff.

Written Text

for hangovers

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