We took to the streets of London to undertake a revealing experiment: how would people react if their phones were wiped by mistake? This is what happened.  
"KODAK MOMENTS experiment wipes phones"

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So you're here to see the super fast charger. I'm just gonna charge your phone really, really quickly. So, are you ready for this? 
OK, here we go. Three, two, one, go. Here we go. 
Deleting data. 
No, no. Is that supposed to happen? 
Uh, it just wiped my phone. 
Wiped it? 
Is there lots of important stuff on here? 
Yeah. Lots of good photos and things like that. 
That's uh, a problem. 
No, they're of my son. He's a year old, so they can't be gone. This is a joke, right? Is this a joke? 
Do you have them printed off at all? 
Please tell me this is a joke. No! Whoever prints them off? 
You don't have them printed off or in an album or something. 
Not all of them, no. 
Yes, of course because this is 2017 and people do that. Not really. 
What would it cost for it to replace your images? Something like £20 or something like that 
£20 for all my photos? 
Maybe I can push it up to £30, £35 or something like that. 
Would £100 cover you? 
No! Of course it wouldn't. 
You can't replace pictures of people who aren't here anymore. I need the photos back. 
There is no cost to get my images back. No, no, no! 
I'm so sorry. 
It's probably time I come clean now.  
This is not actually your phone.  
It's not my phone? 
That's not your phone. This is your phone.  
You just like really terrified me.  
I tell you what's happening. 
I switched the phone. Check it out, make sure it's yours. Make sure everything's on it. Are you happy? 
I was so worried that my son, because I've lost them before. Oh my God, I'm so relieved!  
Where's my phone? 
Your phone's just here, look. 
You absolute swine! 
Now, Catherine, um, is this your phone? 
I'm on my knees! 
Is this it? 
That's my phone and it's still not charged!

Written Text

We wiped the phones of real people while we pretended to charge their phones.  
This is what happened 
One in three people have lost photos on their phone 
You can't replace photos 
Print moments that matter 
Kodak Moments 
Get Kodak Moments App 
No photos were harmed in the making of this film

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