"Destiny 2 - Last Call Teaser"

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OK, so I'm in this super boring meeting about something, I don't know. Wasn't paying attention. Then, Boom! It was like an ugly contest where everyone was a winner. This one dude was all Rawr!, so I shot him. And then I shot this other one. Shot a couple extra guys just to be safe. I did, I did a lot of shooting if I'm being totally honest. Then they destroyed my favorite store, second favorite. There's that spicy ramen shop, I'm getting sidetracked. Look, long story short, I get busy and I'm thinking, I got this. You know? When you're in that you go, I got this! But man, I so did not have it. Guess you had to be there. Well, better get back to it.  
Any day now. 
Geez, a guy has one drink. I'm coming.

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Watch Worldwide Reveal Trailer 
March 30 
10 am PT | 6 pm BST 
Destiny 2

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