"How To Be A Latin Lover - Official Trailer [US]"

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My papa always said... 
Hi, Maximo! get what you work for and I knew how to work it better than anyone.  
Oh, I think I'm making you wet.  
Spill! Shadow! 
You're home early. 
I missed you. 
You deserve a nice refreshing beverage after the workout we just...hey! 
You cheat on me with a car salesman? 
No. A little.  
Peggy dumped me. I have no money, no home, no helicopter. 
You could always try staying at your sister's. 
Hey, Sara! 
Que estas aqui? 
QuerĂ­a verte a ti ya mi sobrina. 
Sobrino. Sabrina? Que dije. Sobrino.  
It's Hector! 
His name is Hugo! 
I am trusting you with my car and I am trusting you with my son.  
Wait, wait, wait! 
A friend of yours? 
She doesn't even know I exist.  
Who is she? 
Oh, that's Arden's grandmother.  
She's perfect.  
I can teach you how to use your skills of seduction to get what you want. 
When do we start? 
Lesson number one, eye contact is power. Women will lust after you.  
Eye contact, eye contact.  
This guy, right? I know.  
You need to go out there and find yourself a job.  
Condos! Condos! 
Guys like you and me... 
Me parezco a mi abuelo. 
...we do whatever it takes to come out on top.  
Oh! Is that... 
I know how to undress a woman with my eyes. 
I never used those words exactly.  
Sure you did! I wrote it all down in this notebook! 
What notebook?! 
It's OK, I just let him drive from around the block.

Written Text

25 Years Later 
From Pantelion Films 
And The Star Of 
'Instructions Not Included' 
Eugenio Derbez 
Salma Hayek 
Rob Lowe 
Kristen Bell 
Raquel Welch 
And Introducing 
Raphael Alejandro 
How To Be A Latin Lover 
The Seduction Begins 
April 28 

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