"du Tuesday: Hilarious Commercial Makes Fun Of People Behaving Badly"

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There he is. Meet your date. Tonight's special feature is, the man sitting next to you. Based on a true story, she will pop, he will corn while they slurp and burp every last drop of that 60 ounce soda. As his tender arm brushes yours, in comes the sneeze. out goes the ? And the best original score goes to Mr. Cry in the dark, here. What the hell are you laughing for? Nothing funny about a 12% Rotten Tomatoes score. Up she goes to the bathroom. Back she comes from the bathroom. But wait, what's that? Could it be? Yes it is. La nouvelle. How will you ever get through 120 minutes of this Oscar-winning crap? Isn't it time you sat next to someone you know?

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