"Introducing #CamelPower ?? The first ever unit to measure desert performance."

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As many vehicles with high horsepower fail to perform in the sand, how can we measure their performance in this environment? This is the story of a team of Nissan engineers on a quest of innovation to introduce a new unit of measurement . 
We decided to introduce a new unit of measurement to the region. The CamelPower.  
The team has been working together for more than a year in research and data collection.  
Our experiment will take place on a 60-meter-long slope angled at 9 degrees. The performance of the SUVs was calculated in Watts and we measured the camels' performance in Watts. Now, we will divide the cars' performance by the camels' and get the CamelPower rating of the car.  
But first, the team needs to calculate how many Watts are in one unit of CamelPower.  
We calculated that 1 CamelPower equals 765 Watts. 
With this result, we can now determine the amount of CamelPower of our cars.  
We will present it to international organizations as an internationally recognized unit of measure, initiated locally in the UAE.

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Nissan Presents 
Mohamed AlaaEldin 
Nissan's CamelPower Lead Engineer 
Joseph El Hachem 
CamelPower Unit Engineer 
Khalaf Abdulqader Mohamed Al Hamadi 
ESMA Director Of Standards 
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