You'll be saving a fortune when you visit London. See for yourself at 
"The Bright Side of Brexit | Virgin Atlantic"

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Due to the UK's Brexit vote, the pound is now at a 31-year low. Which means you'll be literally saving on everything when you travel to London. Like fish and chips. Was $7 now only $5. Bargain. A cheeky afternoon pint, now you can get four for the price of three. Bargain. How about a bejeweled codpiece? Was $103,000 now a mere $89,000. Bargain. A bespoke suit? Bargain. Hanging out with these three guys, bargain. A real English bulldog. Bargain. An etiquette lesson from the Duchess of ?, bargain. Even hiring a town crier to announce your arrival, bargain.  
London welcomes Josh! 
You get the point. 
Hey, everyone! 
So come to England and buy everyone a drink. 
Next round's on me! 
You'll be saving a fortune when you visit London so there's no better time to experience Virgin Atlantic than now. See for yourself at

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