Am reich gedeckten Ostertisch kommt man schon mal ins Grübeln: Wo kommt der Osterhase her und wieso bringt er ausgerechnet Eier? Er ist doch kein Huhn, oder doch? In der Geschichte vom Osterhasen und der Oster-Überraschung finden Sie die rührenden Antworten. 
(At the richly-laid easter table one comes to the ponder: Where does the Easter bunny come from and why does he bring out eggs? He is not a chicken, is he? In the story of the Easter bunny and the Easter surprise you will find the touching answers.) 
"Die Oster-Überraschung – #DerWahreOsterhase"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

(Lyrics) Looking inside 
Trying to find 
Something so small it gets lost when left alone 
I know they're not right 
I've been here before 
No matter what they say 
I know that I'm worth more 
But now and then something tells me that I can I can be 
Feel stronger when I stand up  
Show courage not afraid 
'Cause I don't have to be this or that 
Someone who makes me perfect 
Who never needs to change 
And I remember that I'm beautiful 

Written Text

Netto Wunscht Frohe Ostern! 

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