Captured moments: 2017 Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry, featuring campaign faces Lulu, Kiki, Jonas, Fernando, Samantha, Dorit and Luc. 
"Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry 2017"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I think the best time is always now.  
Life is good. This is a beautiful year.  
It's a beginning, a new story.  
I would say the best time in my life was the first time I've ever seen the snow.  
I would say this has been my best year.  
There's a lot of people that come and go and you find a new way of connecting to them.  
Summers, things change in my life but always go back and it will be exactly the same.  
I think I would have the best time of my life yet. 
It's just one life. It's just one chance.  
(Lyrics) In between the reed notes 
Where the stars are hiding 
In the way that an animal wakes 
There is something there 
In amongst the gaps falls every word and silence 
In crushed glass by the trainline 
There is something there 
Something is there 
In between the islands where we used to swim 
To that place I am on my way 
I am on my way

Written Text

Calvin Klein 
Swiss Made

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