At Carl’s Jr. and Hardee's, we are Pioneers of the Great American Burger. For over half a century we’ve perfected our craft, and we’re just getting warmed up. Grass-fed beef. Made-from-scratch biscuits. Charbroiled burgers. Antibiotic-free chicken. And bacon on just about everything. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and see what we’ll pioneer next. 
"Pioneers of the Great American Burger | Carl's Jr."

Written Text

We Are  
Hardee's Carl's Jr. 
The Authentic American Burger 
For More Than Half A Century 
We've Pioneered Quality and Creativity 
We Perfected Charbroiling 
We Were The First To Use 
Grass-Fed All-Natural Beef 
and Trailblazed making Biscuits from Scratch 
We Are Always Experimenting With Things Like 
Meat On Meat 
Bacon Strips 
Bacon Jam 
Bacon Crumbles 
and Next Up 
All-Natural Chicken With No Antibiotics Ever 
We Are The Pioneers Of The Great American Burger

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