Meet “our founder”, Carl Hardee Sr. After trusting the company to his son for a few years, Carl Sr. is back to focus on what we do best: making damn tasty food. Say goodbye to women in tiny bathing suits; now it’s all about grass-fed beef, hand-breaded chicken tenders, made-from-scratch biscuits and bacon on pretty much everything. We’re Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. See why we’re Pioneers of the Great American Burger. 
"Carl Hardee Sr. Returns | Carl's Jr."

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You still talk to Stacy? 
Yeah. Finally replied to my DM. 
Where are you guys? 
We're over here next to the barn.  
I'm about to pet this cat right here.  
Let me pet that cat! 
Where's the cat? 
Shoot the tiger! 
Go for Junior.  
Junior, I think your dad is here.  
What? Tell him I'm in a meeting.  
Daddy! You're back! Yes! 
Take that down. Put that up.  
That was supposed to be a fresh ingredient. Then that lady got in there and her clothes flew off, it was windy.  
Miss, would you please dismount that bull? Who's this? 
This guy? I don't know...him... 
Shut up, Junior. 
Yes, sir. 
Hello, friend. You know when I started this company it was about one thing - pioneering a new way to food. Daring food. Cut no corners food for you to eat with your mouth. Walk with me. Keep the bull! 
We're keeping the bull! 
Then I passed it to the boy. He sowed his wild oats as a young man is wont to do. And well, he got a little...distracted.  
Yeah. Things got real weird. That video was just for charity. We actually raised a lot of money.  
So I'm back to do what we do. What we've always done. Take a little flashback with me. It started how all great things start. With meat and fire. We pioneered the charbroiler. 
Where's my lettuce? I need more lettuce! 
Then people in cars needed to eat so we made the drive thru a thing. Then I met a girl, made a boy, and well, we did things our own way. We brought your food straight to your table. 
I'm sorry, ladies.  
Brought all-natural beef to the burger.  
I like this one, daddy! 
And brought bacon to damn near everything.  
See, this is what I've been talking about. Food, not boobs.  
Shut up, Junior. 
Yes, sir.  
We're pioneers of the great American burger, the great American made-from-scratch biscuit, and whatever great American thing we think up next. And that's a promise from Carl Hardee, Sr.  
But Daddy, I just bought that car.  
Buckle up, son.  
Yeah, good kitty. Aw, you're a good kitty. Ha ha. What?

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Carl's Jr. & Hardee's Headquarters 
Carl Hardee Sr. 
Pioneering Since 1956 
Pioneers Of The Great American Burger 
Carl's Jr. 
We're Putting Our Money Where Your Mouth Is

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