Who says you can’t change history? On Saturday, April 8, we blew up stuff from our past live on Twitch with the help of fans. It was called The Purge, and it was real simple. We showed fans an item, and they voted on how we destroy it. 
"Carl Hardee Sr. destroys our past | The Purge | Carl's Jr."

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Together we're gonna explode, crush, disintegrate and otherwise dispatch with 10 years of Junior's nonsense. It's time for these things to go and to help, I brought in a couple two guys who blow things up on the internet - The Slow Mo Guys. 
Hello, twitch. I'm Gavin.  
Where's the other one? 
We counted the votes, and you sweet people picked the Ex. 
I still like you! 
Bye bye bikinis. 
Two choices, one outcome.  
Yes! Hamburgers! 
I love it! 
I don't believe that was an actual police officer.  
It looks like you people picked hell. 
H-E-double hockey sticks.  
Ooh! It's getting hot in here! 
Where did you get a fish from? We're in the middle of the desert! 
Well friends, we've come to the very end. In our wake lies bikini shrapnel, perfumed wreckage, a scattered paper butt and rivers of tanning oil. Ten years of buffoonery reduced to ashes.  
Geez! My truck! 
Junior, clean this mess up. 
But, daddy, I'm actually getting a sunburn and there's animals. OK, don't, don't leave me out here with ...OK.

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On April 8th 
Carl Hardee Sr. Kissed The Past Goodbye 
And The Internet Helped 
The Purged 
Presented By 
Carl's Jr. Hardee's 
Stream The Purge

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