With an obsession to help athletes make a difference, Adidas unveils FUTURECRAFT 4D.The world's first high performance footwear featuring midsoles crafted with light and oxygen. "FUTURECRAFT 4D: RISE - adidas"

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It's about people. An evolution of creative freedom. Being so complex, it feels like it should be impossible in the moment. This is the next natural step. Beta. Beta. We're never complete. Wildly complex. What's the idea? Evolving the human athlete. Convergence. The design and manufacturing. Software. Will work for things... Expandable It's a lattice, it's a matrix. Light and oxygen and bath of magic material. Move the bounds of the mold. The future is now. There's no beginning or end. You're limitless.

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adidas [Futurecraft] [Futurecraft.4D] adidas.com/futurecraft

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