"What's Watson working on today? See how Watson is helping more patients benefit from precision medicine, working to predict the weather more accurately, and inspiring artists to create hit songs. What will you do with Watson? 
"Today with Watson"

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Hello, my name is Watson.

Written Text

What is Watson working on today? 
Today 1 million patients can benefit from precision cancer care 
Today 100,000 weather sensors are helping predict disasters 
197 passengers can fly with less turbulence 
50 million people can achieve their fitness goals 
90 government agencies in California can fight drought 
Today fashion designers are creating dresses that think 
Music producers are using data to inspire their next hit song 
Today 8 million taxpayers get help receiving the refund they deserve 
Today, we are 
saving money 
spotting trends 
creating hits 
breaking records 
improving care 
fighting crime 
conserving energy 
inventing dishes 
making art 
increasing efficiency 
finding answers 
speeding launches 
increasing crop yields 
preventing accidents 
finding precedents 
treating pets 
sharing expertise 
opening minds 
Work with Watson 

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