How do insurers assess millions of claims faster? With IBM Watson Explorer, Natural Language, and other APIs, insurers can process claims 25% faster. Only with Watson + IBM Cloud. 
"Watson at Work: Insurance"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, I've got the trend analysis.  
You guys going to the company picnic this weekend? 
Picnics are delightful.  
Oh, wish we could. But we're stuck here catching up on claims.  
But we just compared historical claims to coverages.  
But we have those new audits. 
My natural language API can help us score those by noon.  
Great. See you guys there. 
We would not miss it.  
Watson, you gotta learn how to take a hint.  
I love to learn.

Written Text

How do insurers assess millions of claims 25% faster? 
Only with Watson + IBM Cloud 

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