With 4 years warranty, 4 years finance and 4 years roadside assistance, no matter where life takes you, we'll be there. 
4 years, it's a long time, and you know there'll be some ups and downs along the way. But, with the all-new Renault 4+ Package, you'll get a 4 year warranty, 4 years servicing, 4 years roadside cover as well as a range of finance options, including a 4 year 0% APR representative package. All this peace of mind, 4 year's worth to be exact, is included in the price of any vehicle across our range. 
"Renault 4+ - A Lot Can Happen In Four Years"

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Four years. It's a long time. No matter where life takes you, we'll be there. The all new Renault 4+ package. Four years warranty, roadside cover, servicing and finance package on any vehicle across our range.  
(Lyrics) Darling, you wish you were red 
You don't know you're falling in love, or are you still alive? 
Darling, revolution won't stand 
You're a Judas that's hiding in red

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Renault 4+ 
Four Years Warranty 
Four Years Roadside Cover 
Four Years Servicing 
Four Years Finance Package 
Drive The Change

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