"The Personal Embarrassment Guard"

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Introducing the Personal Embarrassment Guard, or PEG. A new wearable that holds your nose so you don't have to.  
We've taken our classic design and completely reimagined it. We learned that more people than ever are willing to do business with Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad. But, how do you ignore those awkward war crimes? The solution was right under our nose.  
Developed especially for diplomats, peg's nasal technology blocks the smell of war crimes, leaving you free to negotiate. Simply pair it with your phone and swipe to neutralize the stench of hospital bombings, the reek of mass torture and those awkward releases of gas. 
No one needs a moral compass getting in the way of a good deal. And don't just silence your conscience, PEG it.

Written Text

Emerson Stuart 
Chief Imagination Officer 
Some of our leaders want to do deals with Syria's dictator, Bashar al-Assad. 
Tell them to wake up and smell the war crimes.

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