Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott show you how to clean more than your pearly whites with the help of a little toothpaste. 
"Everything Is Brighter"

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(Lyrics) There you are, night driving 
And you can't see too clear 
The roads are dark, headlights seem dull 
We've got a tip, so listen here 
Step 1: Grab your toothpaste 
Step 2: Put it on your headlight 
Step 3: Rub till they're clearer 
Step 4: Now everything is brighter 
Toothpaste cleans your headlights 
Na na na na 
Na na na na 
Everything is brighter 
Toothpaste cleans your headlights 
Hey, thanks for watching. For more auto and home hacks, and helpful tips... 
Right there.

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esurance presents 
DIY Ditties 
with the Scott Brothers 
Track #1: Everything Is Brighter 
Turn it up! 
insurance for the modern world

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